AddChat CodeIgniter supports multiple languages.

Addchat Multi-language

{success} AddChat auto-detects & auto-adapts your website current default language.

Add Language

AddChat installer transfers a file addchat_lang.php inside your website English Language (application/language/english/addchat_lang.php) directory.

To add a new language, simply copy the addchat_lang.php into any other language folder and translate all variable's VALUES inside the new language folder addchat_lang.php file.

{warning} Translate variable VALUES only and not VARIABLE NAMES

e.g Suppose you wanna add hindi language. Simply copy the addchat_lang.php from the English language folder and paste it into the hindi language folder.

        ├── language
            ├── english
            │   └── addchat_lang.php
            └── hindi
                └── addchat_lang.php