Manage AddChat global settings here.

Addchat Admin Panel Settings

{primary} To visit Admin Panel click on profile icon and then click Admin Panel

General Settings

Setup brand identity.

Setting Name Type Description
Site Name alpha-numeric Brand/Website name
Site Logo image:jpg|jpeg|png Logo for AddChat widget and admin panel
Chat Icon image:jpg|jpeg|png Logo for the widget icon
Footer Text alpha-numeric Give chat widget your own brand name
Footer URL alpha-numeric Brand website URL

Widget Config

These are the AddChat widget main configurations

Setting Name Type Description
Admin User Id integer Admin-User-Id VALUE from the users table (by default Admin-User-id is 1)
Pagination Limit integer The total number of records to be fetched at a single time (greater the value, greater load)
Upload Path integer The profile pics will be uploaded to this path
Assets Path integer AddChat assets path, AddChat will pick up the fonts, placeholder image and notification sound from this path

{danger} Please be sure to keep the Upload Path writable, or else it'll through an error while uploading images

Users Table

Enter your website users table name and it's user-id & email column names.

Setting Name Type Description
Users table name string users table name
User Id string user-id column name in the users table
User Email string email column name in the users table

{success} AddChat never modify any data the users table and never read the password or any other sensitive column except user id and email

{warning} Please read the guidelines provided below each setting, and follow exactly mentioned, or else it may break down your site.

{primary} After updating settings, please log out and log in again to see the effects.